Most Excellent Abstract Drip

Most Excellent Abstract Drip

Jan 23, 2022Joey Simon

Paint outside the lines! Use acrylic paint to drip, drizzle, cover and colour a fresh canvas. Pick a totally rad colour scheme and enjoy the process of creating. Most excellent!



Cost $15/hr. For only $5 extra share a station with a friend or family member!
Materials Acrylic paints, varnish, stretched canvas
Techniques and Skills
You Will Learn
Abstract painting, dripping
Approx. Size Choose from 8×8, 11×14, 14×14 or 14×18 inches 

Adult workshop: ages 15+

Family Workshop: ages 5+ (children ages 5-12 must be joined by an adult participant who is also registered in the workshop)

Recommended Minimum Booking Times

Painting time: 1.5–2 hours (more for larger paintings)

As you would expect, it is really hard to know exactly how much time you will need. Every artist is different and often you may want to practice a bit before making your final piece.

Sessions Required 1

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