Exploratory Class! Clay & Sculpture, Mixed Media & Painting or Combo

Exploratory Class! Clay & Sculpture, Mixed Media & Painting or Combo

Nov 18, 2021Joey Simon

Exploratory classes are fun & educational for artists aged 5 to 10 years. Students can choose to explore a variety of mediums while learning art history and culture. Our curriculum encourages a love of learning, art technique learning, and skill development.

Students continue to work on a project for multiple classes. Working on projects for several classes means we can complete more complex artworks that include a variety of techniques while encouraging students to focus on honing their skills and enjoying the creation process.

Our projects are designed to incorporate fine art techniques, with exciting new projects and artist inspirations every session. Students learn to use professional artist-quality tools and materials to complete their artworks in an art studio environment. Students take home artwork once complete.

  • 10-week session, 90 minutes per week, drop-off only
  • *Discount only applies when you are registering for the same class at the same time.

Now students can choose to focus on one particular medium or subject during the classes or they can jump between mediums!
Students can choose to focus on:

  • Clay & sculpture (all new projects)
  • Painting & mixed media (all new projects)
  • Jump between painting, clay, and mixed media (all new projects)

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