Camp FAQs

What ages are included in camp?

Full week, full days enrollment—ages 6-12
Single full day enrollment—ages 6-12
Half days enrollment—ages 4-10

Can I register my 3 year old?

No, please do not register a 3-year-old. They will not be permitted to stay. There will be no refunds offered if this rule is disregarded.

What is the schedule?

Full day: 9am-3pm, lunch at 12
Mornings half day: 9am-12pm
Afternoons half day: 1pm-4pm

Can my 6 year old come to full day of camp?

If your child has attended the studio before and/or you feel they can do a full day, sure!  Please note there are no refunds or credits for early pick up if your child needs to be picked up early for any reason. This includes behavior issues. Students must be able to enter the studio classroom themselves.

Are there options for extended care?

Yes, from 3pm to 4pm. Please pack an extra snack and a self-directed activity for them to enjoy like reading or sketching (or we can give them a little studio job like testing our markers, wiping tables, or putting away supplies). This extra hour is a supervised quiet time for parents who need to pick up a little later. We do not offer a later option beyond 4 pm.

What will students do at camp?
Each day has different art projects which may be painting, sculpture, printmaking, or drawing. A full day of camp typically means students will make 2-3 projects. They will also learn art history through interactive learning with the instructors.
What to bring?
Please bring 1-2 nut-free snacks and a labelled water bottle. Food and beverages are not included. Full day students need to have a packed lunch.
What not to bring
Please do not pack toys, stuffed animals, iPads, or pets. These are all very distracting to other students and may get paint on them. If your child has a cell phone, please let them know it is not permitted to be used during camp time and needs to be kept away.
What to wear?
Dress for mess! Acrylic paint does not come out of clothes, especially once dry. We cannot guarantee that clay or other art materials will come out of clothes. Students should always come to the studio dressed for mess.
What if my child’s clay breaks or explodes in the kiln?
This can occasionally happen, as clay can be delicate and fragile before it is fired. We don’t offer refunds or remakes for damaged clay but we promise we treat each piece like it is a masterpiece.
Are any of the art materials or tools toxic or dangerous?

No, all materials are 100% non-toxic. Our team works hard to ensure the studio is safe and the students are behaving in a safe and respectful way.

When do we take home the artwork?
Paintings, oven-bake clay and print projects will be ready for pickup 2 days after they are made. Earthenware clay is typically dried and fired within 1-2 weeks.
Safety And Behaviour
Do you have any off-site trips or excursions?
For the safety and security of our students, we do not leave the premises. This means you don’t have to worry about sunscreen, sun burns, bee stings, or heat stroke.
Can I stay while my child settles in?

Camp is drop-off only, absolutely no exceptions please. Students must be able to enter the classroom by themselves. For students who are not able to settle there is no credit or refund.

Is there a process for background checks of staff members?
Yes, every staff member has a police record check.
Are there protocols in place for illness prevention, hygiene, and sanitization?

Students wash hands frequently, including before eating. The art studio is thoroughly sanitized at the end of every day, as well as throughout the day between activities. We do not permit students who are visibly ill to attend and ask that parents keep students home when they are sick.

Anything else I need to do before camp?

Yes, parents/guardians please discuss the following before student(s) arrive to class. To prepare, it is important for kids to know to take their time, go slow and enjoy the process with their creations.

When creating we will emphasize using different techniques and the art of adding small details. We will encourage enjoying the process, creativity, patience, and attention to detail.

Parents, please discuss this expectation with children before the class in order to ensure your child understands that we will be creating with details and practice in mind.

* Our goal is to maintain a respectful, patient, and creative learning environment. Please note disrespectful and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. In the event of misconduct, parents will be called to pick up their child immediately. No refunds or credits for missed time in the event a parent needs to be called if a child is not able continue with the class either partially or permanently due to bullying, or disruptive, violent, inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour.

What if my child will miss a class/day of camp?
There are no catch up classes for camps and pa/pd day workshops. We do not offer refunds or credits for missed days, including for illness or behaviour issues.
What if we are late?

Being on time is important as we have LOTS to do each class! Late arrivals are very distracting for the group and delay class, which can lead to unfinished projects and prevent class from finishing on time. If you know you’ll be late please advise the studio ASAP.

Can I bring home materials for someone who misses camp?
No. We do not offer this option.
What is the refund policy in case of cancellation or withdrawal?
Please note there are no refunds or credits offered if your child needs to be picked up early for any reason, including illness and behaviour issues. No refunds or credits for missed time in the event a parent needs to be called if a child is not able continue with the class either partially or permanently due to bullying, or disruptive, violent, inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour.